RAMON.space unique technology for Rad-Hard By Design (RHBD) electronic components. RadSafe™ technology and IP cores are tested for radiation immunity, passing in excess of 300 Krad(Si) TID and 100 MeV*cm /mg SEL and SEU tests. RadSafe™ products are suitable for LEO, GEO and outer space applications. 



RadSafe implementation on Tower Jazz 0.18 micron CMOS technology. RAMON.space products based on RadSafe18™ include GR712RC and JPIC.

Radiation test chips fabricated using RadSafe18™ 

JPIC and GR712RC fabricated using RadSafe18™ 


RadSafe implementation on TSMC 65nm CMOS technology. Ramon Chips RC64 is based on RadSafe65™.

Radiation test chip fabricated using RadSafe65™ 

RC64 fabricated using RadSafe65™ 

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